Sunday, December 14, 2008

Domy's picture!!

See we love Dominic too! This one uploaded because it's on a different disk. I really wish I could get the rest to upload. There is a cute one of our family in football jerseys. Which we've wanted to do for a while it just never worked out. Anyways, enjoy the rest!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

New Family Pictures!!

This is one of our family pictures. I can't get the rest to upload for some reason. I'll keep working on it. But, I figured I get these up! We took these November 22nd. They turned out really nice I thought.
This is Scott and I just before our 7th anniversary

This is our cute Tyson at age 3.

I just love this one of Jaxon! He's 15 months old. I love his little eyes!

This is my favorite family picture. Scott, Jaxon, Dominic, Tyson and Sarah.

Monday, November 24, 2008


Oh Baby!

This is Samantha, Me, and Colie at the midnight showing of Twilight! We're wearing our super cool shirts! Edward Cullen Bringing Sexy Back Since 1901! I loved the movie! They didn't have a very big budget at all so there were some things that could have been better. But, they got the okay to start on New Moon. They made $70.4 million opening weekend. So I'm pretty sure they'll have a bigger budget! So it will be better! I saw it again today too! It was so much better the second time! I love Edward!!! It's okay babe I still love you too!!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

I've been tagged a million times and figured I should do it this time!

8 things I am passionate about:
1. my little family
2. my family and Scott's family
3. being a mom
4. church
5. dance
6. music
7. Twilight
8. children in general
8 phrases I often say:
1. Are you picking up what I'm laying down?
2. Fart Slap (my son asked if it was a bad word when he came home from school and we laughed and now it just suck.)
3. You know why cuz I love ya!
4. Stop hitting your brother!
5. Jaxon's asleep!
6. For real?
7. Seriously
8. Cause that's how I roll
8 things I want to do before I die:
1. Have a blue eyed baby girl.
2. Have long blonde hair again.
3. Run a marathon.
4. Rebuild a 69' Vette (at this point I'll settle to just buy one)
5. Own a motorcycle.
6. Go to school for Marine Biology.
7. Go to Hawaii and Australlia.
8. See my kids in the temple.
8 things I want or need:
1. I got a Gold's Gym membership with free daycare included so to lose 40 pounds.
2. A bigger vehicle (van, truck, whatever)
3. To just feel better on a daily basis for longer than 2 weeks.
4. To understand how to better help Dominic with school and his self esteem.
5. To get 8 hours of sleep for once in 7 years. (Being sedated doesn't count.)
6. To learn to play my guitar much better than I do.
7. To be better organized in my life, my house, etc.
8. To have a weekend away with Scott.
8 people I tag (do 8 people even read this!?):
1. Angela
2. Bri
3. April
4. Adrianne
5. Andrea
6. Melissa
7. Tara
8. Rene


Over UEA weekend we went to HEE Haw Farm with a lot of cousins on both sides of our families. It was so much fun! This is Seth and Doran.
Here's Colie and Brock.
This is my beautiful niece Madison holding Jaxon on the animal train ride.
Here's Tyson waving hello on the same train.
Jaxon and Olivia kind of got the shaft sometimes. They didn't get to walk as much as they would have preferred. But, they liked petting the goats!
Dominic thinks orange pumpkins are extremely over rated. Every time we go to a pumpkin patch he only looks for green pumpkins. (I don't know!) This is my sister-in-law Nichol (who's a celebrity for cleaning David Archuleta's teeth on Tuesday!) and Colby, Lauren, Tyler and Madison.
This is me and Tyson, Jaxon and Dominic on the hayride. Jaxon loves eating hay.
Dominic turned his hat side ways and put his arm around Colby and said look mom do you want to take a picture? So how can you resist that?
Here's Tyson with one of those weird Orange pumpkins tha no one likes!

The kids showing off at the entrance.
Here's Olivia and Jaxon eating I mean playing in the corn box.
Here's baby Lauren who is 6 months and was such a good baby the whole time. She's so beautiful too!

I took Olivia and Jaxon down the slide. It was bumpy all right! We had a great time! Thanks everyone for coming. I don't have pics of some of the people who were there but that doesn't mean we didn't think they were awesome! PAPA DON I'm talking about you too! Love you all!

Scott's Bringing Sexy Back! (Or Not)

Every year Scott and his dad and his brothers go on the deer hunt. Apparently this year he had to prove he was more or a Redneck than anyone in the world.
Or maybe that he's Wolverine?
Since Scott's gone all weekend I took the boys and Samson down to my parents. Scott didn't want him to rip the leather seats in my car so... He's got SUPER COOL BLACK BOOTIES!!!!
NIce legs, slim ankles... JEALOUS?

Dominic lost his first tooth!

Dominic lost his first tooth on Wednesday night. It's his bottom left front tooth! It's been lose for a month! I guess it's about time.
Here's a picture of his tooth.
Here's his jack-o-lantern smile!

This is the next morning after the "rich" tooth fairy came to visit. $5 for 1 tooth! Are you kidding me! Obviously not the "momma" tooth fairy!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Tyson's Tonsilectomy and Adenoidectomy!

Tyson got his tonsils and adenoids out today. They gave both Tys and Tigress an armband. Tyson thought that was so cool! Everyone has to get changed into a gown. Tyson looks super fly if I say so myself!
Poor kid is smiling because he has know idea what he's in for. He just knows he gets a toy after!
SEE I TOLD YA! This is when he came back from surgery. He didn't want to drink or swallow at all. He was pretty miserable.
He finally drank aome juice and we were able to go home but not before he got his Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle! He may be drugged but momma didn't raise no fool! He didn't forget!

Adrianne's Wedding!

My good friend Adrianne (who I've been friends with since the 8th grade) got married to Jim on Friday Sept. 26th in Colorado. She asked Tyson to be the ring bearer! It was so cute!
This is the HOT bride!! WOOOHOOOO! Aye mommy!
Tyson was very tired after doing his duty of putting his tux on. He fell asleep before we even took any pictures.
This is Grace (the flower girl) and Tyson. What would two 3-year olds do when they are dressed up so nice? HMM maybe we should lay in the grass and color? Sounds good to me!
This is Tyson during the ceremony giving me his version of a thumbs up. Too bad I didn't get a picture of when he picked his nose in front of the whole congragation!

The Bruners!!!

Our dear friends the Bruner's came to visit last week. They came to my high school graduation almost 10 years ago! So the kids are so much more grown up. Before that visit it had been about 4 years. They were just toddlers. I babysat Adam and Brittany from when Adam was a year and Brittany was a newborn! So I feel pretty old now that Adam graduated high school and Brittany's a senior and Zach's a junior. And I was obviously very entertaining because Adam is asleep in the middle. Zach is to the left and Brittany is on the right of him. Sweet Dreams!
This is Rene'!!! I love her so much and she's one of my second mom's! You're beautiful and the best!
All the kids loved Zach! Jaxon was especially partial to him. It's weird to have this come full circle. Here's Brittany and I. She's not my little baby anymore. She's so dang cute!
Oh look who decided to wake up! Adam and Tyson are best buds in this picture. Tyson didn't want to leave him and go to school. Let's not make it 10 years before we get together again!